Business Units

Automotive, Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering

Benefit from our many years of expertise in the automotive and manufacturing industries. We know our markets and place executives both nationally and internationally.

Through our vast, high-quality network of exceptionally qualified candidates and state-of-the-art, scientifically proven competence procedures, we find the optimal candidate for you, ensuring your success.

With the rise of Industry 4.0, we have specialized not only in the classic automotive sector but also in other manufacturing industries and their many facets. We fully recognize the new challenges and will support you throughout the necessary transformation.

Our Key Performance Indicators

Through dialogue with the supervisory boards, boards of directors and managing directors of our clients, we have identified the following key successes in our cooperations:

  • Long-term and sustainable staffing of vacancies (89.4% of the placed candidates have been promoted within the company or are still active in the position 5 years later)
  • High flexibility, international network and in-depth knowledge of markets and requirements
  • Thorough analysis of the respective corporate culture and the upcoming challenges
  • Excellence in processes & confidentiality